Thursday, July 28, 2011

The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.*

We headed out onto the Assawoman Bay this morning on the Miss O'Webb with my brother in the captain's chair.  Mom, Dad, and Bill planned to fish; I opted out.  Each year for the past few years, I've had moderate success, but I eventually wind up getting my rigs tangled on something and end up getting frustrated (pissed, really).  So this year, I decided just to tag along intent on reading and getting more sun.  

We were on the water by about 8:15 this morning to worm our way through the network of "no wake" canals that lead out to the bay.  

Heading out on the canal.

I *love* what this woman has done with her dockside garden!!!

I bet that boat in the middle is fast!

Dad, Bill, and Mom

Heading toward the Route 90 bridge.

And looking back at the Route 90 bridge.

There are several flounder fishing boats to choose from in Ocean City these days.  Back when we would go out on a group fishing trip for flounder, our only option was the Tortuga.  This morning, I saw the Tortuga, the Bay Bee, the Flounder Magic, and my personal favorite, the Flounder Pounder.  


Bay Bee

Flounder Magic

Flounder Pounder

My intrepid fishermen caught seven flounder total, none of which were keepers.  :(  My mom had lots and lots of nibbles, but it took her over two hours to land her first flatty.  

Bill caught a flounder.

That's a good lookin' flatty!

Dad's catch.

Mom's catch...finally...yay!

Quite a few pelicans flew over us while we were out on the boat.  I saw pelicans flying over the ocean earlier in the week and tried to snap a picture but they proved to be too fast.  This morning, I saw them coming and caught two great pictures.

Hey, pelicans!!!

I think this is a great picture!

After our adventure on the boat this morning, we all went our separate ways for the afternoon.  Mom and Dad set off for Bethany Beach.  Bill and Casie headed up to the outlets at Rehoboth.  I also went to the outlets, but drove separately because I was only in search of shoes.  Once I either a) struck out at all of the shoe stores or b) found a pair of shoes, I wanted to be able to head back and hit a few other shops along Route 1 along the way.  (I did find a pair of shoes to wear to my dear friend Katie's wedding next month...hooray!!!)  

Coming back through Indian River Inlet, I took a few pictures of the new bridge construction.  That is one massive bridge they're building!!!

Approaching the new bridge construction from the north.

Passing the first section of the new bridge.

The second section of the new bridge. 

My final stop on my way back to the condo was the Fenwick Island Lighthouse.  A little learnin' at the end of the day never hurt anyone.  :)

Fenwick Island Lighthouse

The story of the Transpeninsular Line.

The history of the Fenwick Island Lighthouse.

More information about the Fenwick Island Lighthouse.

This would be a better picture if the silly power lines weren't right in front of the lighthouse!

Tomorrow is my final full day at the beach and my birthday.  It promises to be an AWESOME day!!!

* Today's blog post title is a quote from A.K. Best and was found at Quote Garden, keyword fishing.  

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