Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leapin' lizards!

Except...this blog post is about an amphibian!  Some of you may recall that back in May, we bought four Shubunkins and two tadpoles.  We catch glimpses of the fish from time to time, but until this week we have not seen any evidence of the tadpoles.  That's no longer the case...

It's like "Where is Waldo?"...can you spot the frog?
Check about 1/3 of the way from the top of the photo and just right of you see him now?
Can you see me now?  Check out my tail!
As you can see, our tadpole is still going through his metamorphosis as evidenced by his tail.  His front limbs don't appear fully developed yet.  He's also still quite small compared to the other frogs we've had in the pond over the years.  These photos were taken Monday, June 20th. 

We've spotted the other tadpole in the pond also.  In fact, the second tadpole is *this close* to being a full-fledged frog.  His tail is just a tiny little nub on his butt.  

One of the tadpoles has been out and about on a lily pad pretty much each night this week.  Tonight, I spotted one of them in the water.  I couldn't tell which tadpole it was because I couldn't see the tail or tail nub, but I still managed to snap some pictures.

Chillaxin' in the pond among the lily pads.

Close-up of the tadpole.  Do you see the front left limb resting on the lily pad?
Also of note this week is Chris' Jackmanii Clematis - it is blowing up!!!  

Look how beautiful Chris' Clematis looks growing on the arbor on the deck!

Nearly all of the lattice work is filled in between the ivy and the Clematis.

Viewing the Clematis from the other side.  There are flowers on both sides to enjoy!
Finally, a few random shots from this evening...enjoy!

Purple Coneflowers are *so close* to blooming!

The Bee Balm is close to blooming, too!

Spying on a Chipping Sparrow at the feeder.

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