Sunday, June 12, 2011

A celebratory Sunday ride!

Today was the June Restaurant Ride for the Nittany Road Riders.  When I got home yesterday* and asked Chris what was on the agenda for today, he mentioned that Marty had suggested doing the NRR ride.  When we woke up shortly after 7 AM this morning, Chris went down to check his e-mail and had a note from Marty; he'd be at our house at 9:15 AM.  Two showers (his and mine) and two braids (mine) later, we were suited up and ready to go at 9:14 AM.  Marty rolled up a minute later and after discussing a fill-up location, we set off for the Sheetz on Valley Vista and then to the meeting spot at Kissell Motorsports.  When we arrived, there were only two other bikes on site; however, by the time we left, there were 16 people on 13 bikes.  What a great turn out!

The gaggle of bikes assembled at KMS.

Our '10 Concours 14

Marty and Jack's Triumph Tigers

Woody (our ride leader) explains the route and discusses group-riding strategy.

Greg (left) and Chris (right) listen intently. 
Matt (center) goofs off; I just missed him sticking his tongue out at me.  :P

Departing KMS at 10 AM.
Our route took us south on PA 26 and US 22 and 522 to our rest break in Orbisonia and our lunch stop in McConnellsburg at The Lodge Restaurant.  It turns out, the owner of the restaurant called Woody and invited the group down for lunch (they'd previously lunched at her former establishment before it burned down).  

Checking in on the bikes behind us.

The bikes ahead of us.

Al (on his sweet BMW K1300GT) waves for the camera.

The Juniata River

East Broad Top Railroad 11 AM train ride

Rest stop at the Subway in Orbisonia;
Woody called ahead to the restaurant at this point to let them know to expect 16 patrons.

After the rest stop, Al shuffled forward, Rick shuffled back,
and we still had two yellow helmet (Dan's and Matt's) in the back.

There's Al just ahead of us and John ahead of him.

Stopped for lunch at The Lodge Restaurant.

Our lunch crew (taken from Woody's end of the table).

Our lunch crew (from the other end of the table).

Then there's me...all by my lonesome...waiting for Chris, Matt, and Dan to pay their bills.

Oh noes!  Marty picked up a nail in his new (of course!) back tire. 
After a delicious lunch, Marty (with his plugged tire), Al, and Rick decided to head straight home.  Woody planned to lead a contingent to the East Broad Top Railroad and adjacent Rock Hill Trolley Museum, where they planned to visit for approximately 30 minutes before continuing on to Ritchey's Dairy for an ice cream stop.  Matt was planning to lead a group on a non-train/trolley stop route along PA 655 and 913 toward Ritchey's in Martinsburg.  Regardless of the route folks planned to take, it was very obvious (both in the skies and on several smartphones) that we were going to hit a storm.  

We decided to join Matt, Dan L., and Other Dan on the non-stop route to Ritchey's, which sent us head first into the thunderstorm.  We punched right through the storm, enjoying several vibrant lightning strikes and about five minutes of heavy rain.  Matt's route and pace meant that once we were on the other side of the storm and back into the sunshine, we dried out fairly quickly. 

At Ritchey's, Other Dan and Matt opted for ice cream cones (more on those in the photo captions), Dan got a strawberry milkshake, and we got small dishes of ice cream (Chris got mint chip and I got white house cherry).  All the while, numerous other motorcycles came and went.  Ritchey's was a happening spot this afternoon! 

Following Matt, Other Dan, and Dan L.

We got a little wet!

Wet roads are still fun roads!

Matt led a great route to Ritchey's.

If you go to Martinsburg, PA, make sure you visit Ritchey's!

"The pretzel cone had a good taste, but the structure was lacking." - Matt  :)

It wasn't even a really hot day, but Other Dan amassed quite the drip collection under his cone.

Chatting post-ice cream, deciding on a route home.
Matt led us to US 22, where he turned off and headed home.  We led Dan L. back toward State College along US 22, PA 453, and PA 45.  When we turned onto Marengo Road (squee!!!) to go home, Dan continued along PA 45 to his house.  

Following Matt through the flag-lined streets of Williamsburg, VA.

Dan is all smiles on his new K1300S.

I need one of these stickers that Matt has on his helmet!  Awesome.

On Marengo Road, y'all!  Thumbs up!!!

This Toyota Corolla harshed our mellow for about 2/3 of Marengo Road,
but we were able to have some fun through a set of sweepers once they turned off.
By the time we got home, it was 4:45; we were out for 7.5 hours and rode a total of 190 miles.  It was a great way to spend a day that I was originally supposed to spend driving home from Rhode Island.  It was a great way to celebrate the fact that I have been riding on the back of a motorcycle with Chris for exactly one year!

*There will be no Rhode Island blog post because I didn't go to Rhode Island.  When I woke up Saturday morning, it was raining and the forecast called for a 70% chance of rain and 100% cloud cover all day in and around Newport, RI.  I decided to pack up and drive home on Saturday in the hopes that Chris and I would be able to do a ride today.  

Mission accomplished!  :)


  1. Kris (viffergyrl from STN)June 13, 2011 at 10:07 AM

    What is it about Toyota Corollas anyway? Camrys and Priuses as well. They can harsh a mellow really easily... DAMHIK

  2. Oh goodness, don't get me started on Priuses...LOL! BTW, thanks for stopping by. I have my posts labeled and broken out on the right index, so ride reports will always be easy to find!