Thursday, June 30, 2011

A teapot full of coffee...

...some of you know that I recently relocated at work and with this relocation came a <gasp!> window.  Chris' first response to this news was, "You need a plant!"  I moved into my new digs on Friday, May 20th and that weekend we ventured to Wal-Mart to procure the teapot planter we'd seen during an earlier shopping excursion and to Lowe's in search of a suitable plant.  

My office window has a southern exposure, so it is ideal for a high-light plant.  After looking at several different plants, I settled on a coffee plant - Coffea arabica.  I liked the irony of the coffee plant in the teapot.  

The umbrella-ish "top layer" growth is all new growth over the past six weeks.

I've since learned that after 3-4 years the Coffea arabica plant will produce star-shaped, sweetly scented white flowers that smell similar to jasmine, followed by fruits that will start out green and then - over the course of several months - turn red and then black.  Inside each of these fruits will be two seeds, or beans, which can then be roasted and ground into coffee.

Over the past nearly six weeks, my plant has taken off!  Indoor Coffea arabica plants can grow to six feet in height.  But they can also be no worries that I'll have a six-foot monster overtaking the Physical Plant Annex!  

Why, coffee plant *does* have a Beaver Stadium view!

I have to say that I am very pleased with this plant selection.  It is thriving in its window, overlooking the Central Distribution loading docks.  If you have a bright, sunny window and want to try a new plant, I definitely suggest seeking out a Coffea arabica plant at your neighborhood Lowe's, Home Depot, or local nursery. 

Bushy, bright, green, and thriving!

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