Monday, June 6, 2011

Bird, bird, bird...bird is the word!

It's been almost a week since I checked in on our resident baby American Robins in the Arbor Vitae out front.  A quick peek in revealed that the nest now resembles somewhat of a clown car with all four babies crammed into the nest.  

Around back, today Chris installed the Stokes Bird Feeder Pole he bought me for Valentine's Day.  I bought the top-of-the-pole bird feeder yesterday at Tractor Supply Company (thanks to some "extra" funds I had), as well as the extender arm so I could add my thistle feeder to the pole.  I chose this particular spot for the feeder because it is located right outside of my home office/craft room and is easily viewed from the deck.

It appears that an unexpected outcome of this feeder installation is that it also feeds the resident chipmunks.  I saw three of them at once stuffing their faces under the feeder.  I need to stake out the feeder and try to capture a picture or two of these puffy-cheeked thieves!

Finally, while "on patrol" around the Homestead, I noticed that the bird box at the far end of the yard (closest to the vegetable garden) has a few eggs in it.  Based on the appearance of the eggs, as well as the composition of the nest, this is a House Wren nest.  There are four eggs in the bird box.  Momma Bird was not on the nest when I checked it, but I'm sure she was nearby. 

Starting tomorrow, I'm off to Connecticut for a few days for meetings.  I plan to do a little exploring along the coast as my schedule allows.  I'll be taking both the camera and my binoculars.  Between lighthouses and sea birds, I hope to have some entertaining posts later this week. 

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  1. Just wait until the squirrels discover the diner! We have one in our backyard that literally leaps from the ground and hangs from all fours off the bird feeder, poking his grubby little head into the seed.