Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boyer Station Domination - Part 3

Sunday - Speed bumps in a half shell.

Sunday morning, Chris and I woke up just before 7 and began getting cleaned up and packed up. Chris was the first to venture outside and reported that several folks had already departed and a few others appeared to be close to leaving. I ducked my head outside the room in time to wave goodbye to our friend Doug from North Carolina. In short order, we bid farewell to Ed from Illinois, Jack and Garry both from Pittsburgh, and our good friend Sara from Tennessee. 

Another foggy morning at the Boyer Motel.

I love Sam's Honda Gold Wing!

There goes Jack. Bye, Jack!
Along with Jerry & Leisa, Eric & Diana, David, Jeff, Frank, Jeremy & Rachel, and Matt, we decided to leave at 9 AM and head to breakfast at the Gateway Restaurant at the base of the road to Spruce Knob. We caught up with Mark from Connecticut; Matt from Littlestown, PA; and our local riding friend Jay from State College en route to the Gateway. Apparently, they had the same idea for breakfast! Our friend Matt from New Jersey simply followed us to the Gateway and then continued on his way home (he'd already eaten breakfast). 

Catching up to Mark, Matt, and Jay.

Checking back on those behind us.

Foggy farm.

With all of the rain on Saturday, all of the creeks we passed were pretty high.

I was excited for a right-hand sweeper so I could catch everyone behind us in the picture.
We had 11 for breakfast, so the waitress put three tables together for us. The staff at the Gateway is always so friendly and accommodating! I stuck with tea and toast for breakfast, but I added a small orange juice in an effort to stave off the grumpies later in the day! We had another great group meal coupled with stories and laughter from the weekend.

I keep meaning to ask if they sell these mugs. (Like I really NEED another mug.)

After breakfast, we headed out to get suited up and continue our journeys home. But not before a few more pictures!

Two very tall men in red shirts bookend this picture!

Taking a picture of Rachel taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

Maybe you can't restrain "the pretty,"
but you can put a caution sticker on its ass!

Jeremy and Rachel

Eric and Diana
From the Gateway, we continued north on WV 28 past Seneca Rocks to Jordan Run Road and then on to Patterson Creek Road. Along Jordan Run and Patterson Creek Roads, we saw FOUR turtles in the span of 30 minutes. I can only imagine they were Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello! Each turtle was on the other side of the road and not in danger from any of us; we were hopeful that cars headed in the other direction noticed them. If we hadn't been riding in a group, we would have stopped to move them and add to our turtle karma (not to mention take a few pictures).

Yup. A barn.

Look at Jeff tearing up that turn!

Approaching Seneca Rocks.

Seneca Rocks

Jeff, Frank, and Eric & Diana behind us.

Following David.
Along Patterson Creek Road, we picked up a second passenger on our bike. Well, I picked it up. Chris and I were riding along, talking to each other, when I saw it...a bee crawling up in my helmet in front of my mouth and nose. I screamed (poor Chris!), flipped up my visor, and commenced flailing. I was digging at the bottom of my helmet with one hand while coming in through the visor opening with the other. After a minute of sheer panic, I was pretty sure I'd gotten it, so I flipped my visor back down. Except that now I was sufficiently freaked out and only "pretty sure" I'd gotten it, so I proceeded to flip my visor up two more times and "dig around" inside my helmet making sure there was nothing in it. 

But then I felt it...crawling on my neck! That's when the begging began. "Please guy. Stop the bike. Please pull over. I have to get this stuff off!" Chris found a spot where he could pull over and I could not get off the bike and shed my gear fast enough. Chris waved the rest of the group along, indicating that everything was OK. I managed to get my gloves and helmet off and was unzipping and opening my jacket when Chris saw the bee fly out. That's when I noticed the bee stuck in Chris' helmet intake vent. No one else in the group seemed to have a bee problem, so I don't know if Chris and I were "just that lucky" to each pick up a bee at the same time or what?!? 

We caught back up with the group (they'd pulled over to wait for us) and stopped for gas shortly thereafter. I explained why we stopped and Jeff said that he'd been talking to Jerry on the Senas when he saw me flip my visor up and flail about. He'd suspected I'd picked up a bee; he was right! 

Chris and I split off from the group at the gas stop in Fort Ashby and continued up WV 28 and crossed into Maryland near Cumberland. We hopped onto I-68 briefly to get to Rocky Gap State Park and Pleasant Valley Road which runs into Pennsylvania and turns into Beans Cove Road. We had a really nice ride through the Buchanan Forest to PA 326 through Rainsburg to Bedford.

'atsa big rooster!

Cumberland, MD in the distance.

Riding through the Buchanan Forest.

Beans Cove Road was a lot of fun!

Right turn ahead!
We stopped at the Sheetz in Bedford for a stretch and a snack before continuing for home via Lower Snake Spring Road, PA 36, US 22, PA 453, PA 45, and finally Marengo Road. We arrived home just before 4 PM with 852.5 miles logged for the weekend and a FILTHY motorcycle.

Chris dragged out the power washer to remove the layers of dirt and bugs.

852.5 miles with 18 hours 13 minutes of moving time...that's a good weekend!

Just a few thanks...

  • Thanks to everyone who made it this past weekend. The Spring Meet was a great success because of all of the fantastic people that attended!
  • Thanks to Jerry for leading the rides all weekend.
  • Thanks to Jeff for letting Chris and Jerry swap out passenger pegs on Saturday.
  • Thanks to Chris for another fantastic weekend together!!!

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  1. Great write up Beth. I should have joined yall for breakfast Sunday but then I figured you were probably about finished by the time I passed. Thanks again for your work in getting this thing organized. I had a great time.

    scott aka slayman