Saturday, November 26, 2011

Venturing into the unknown...riding in November!

Last year, my last ride was in October.  Having re-started back in April, I decided that I wanted to make the attempt to ride at least once in each month of the year going forward.  With the days in November dwindling, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day and log my November ride today.  We left the house shortly after 11 AM, bound for the Marion E. Brooks Natural Area in Elk County. 

We never get tired of odometer palindromes!

Heading west on US 322 toward Philipsburg.

Rock wall along US 322...there's a huge "blow-out" further west along the road.

Power station at the intersection of PA 879 and PA 970.

Quehanna Highway

More of the Quehanna Highway
Along the Quehanna Highway en route to the Natural Area, we passed through the Quehanna Boot Camp grounds; there were quite a few juvenile inmates out and about getting their exercise.  Quite a few of them looked our way with envy when they heard the bike.  When we arrived at the Natural Area, two gents were parked there with their pick-up trucks and trailers with ATVs.  They were scoping out the nearby trail for the upcoming deer season.  

Despite the sign, we didn't see any reptiles or amphibians.

The memorial marker for the Natural Area.

This Natural Area is known for the stand of birch trees.

I'm a big fan of birch trees.

I think birch trees make for excellent photography subjects!

The Concours

The Losey Trail

Another shot of the Concours with the birch trees.

A cross-connector for the Quehanna Trail.

A shot of the Concours from across the road.

The deserted Quehanna Highway.
Once we left the Natural Area, we followed the Quehanna Highway to where it ends in Medix Run.  We turned left onto PA 555 and followed it to PA 255, which we rode back to Penfield.  We stopped in Penfield at the Minit Market for a quick lunch.  

The roads were surprisingly empty today, despite it being such a nice day.

We didn't see any elk.  :(

We traversed quite a few railroad crossings today.

Coming down PA 255 into Force, PA.
After lunch at the Minit Market, we headed down PA 153 to US 322 through Clearfield and Philipsburg to return home.  

Heading east on US 322 from Penfield to Clearfield.

It was much cloudier to the north and west as we traveled today.

Despite the clouds, the temperatures were in the 50s all day.

We had another odometer palindrome while we were riding.

It's not the best picture, but there's Philipsburg's giant Santa!
Our ride lasted 4.5 hours, we went 140 miles, and now I can say I've ridden in late November...while listening to Christmas music on my iPod, no less!

When we arrived home, there was a bright orange Shutterfly box attached to our mailbox.  Inside was the 20-page photobook I made of "Our 2011 Riding Season"...but there's a footnote on the book.  "Our 2011 riding season isn't's just that our free Shutterfly book had to be made by November 22nd!  :)" 

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