Monday, June 17, 2013

Suddenly, it's mid-June?!? (Part Two)

Following my week-long trip to Alexandria, Baltimore, and Atlantic City, it was lovely to be back home with my boys! Our weeknights were uneventful, but on Saturday we had a grand motorcycle adventure. In order to allow both sets of grandparents equal time with Mallorie on Mother's and Father's Day this year, much like we did with Mother's Day, we split Father's Day weekend and designated Saturday was "Wolf Day." 

Since I'd just been down in Baltimore last weekend, we decided to meet halfway at Duke's Riverside in Enola, PA (across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg along US 11/15). To help keep Mallorie on a normal feeding and sleeping schedule, Bill suggested we do an early lunch (11 AM). I shared this information with Chris and he mapped out a route for us to get to Duke's that would take 2.5 hours.

Dubbed "the Carlisle Shuffle," our route took us out Marengo Road to PA 45 to PA 26 to PA 305 through Greenwood Furnace State Park and Belleville to Jack's Mountain Road to US 22. In McVeytown, we turned onto PA 103 to get to PA 333, which runs parallel to US 322/22 across the Juniata River. In Port Royal, we picked up PA 75 to PA 74 to PA 944, which runs all the way into Enola. 

Raising a new barn.

I like this Shaker-esque house!

It was a gorgeous day for a motorcycle ride!

These hairpin signs are always good.

Notice the opposing arrows and's a nice, tight turn on PA 74.

The view of Waggoner's Gap atop PA 74.

The view of Harrisburg from across the river on US 11/15.
We arrived at Duke's at 11:20 AM. Mom and Dad had just arrived five minutes prior. Bill, Casie, and Mallorie were running late because Mallorie wasn't feeling well. We had a very nice lunch. For the majority of the meal, Mallorie sat in her stroller and just kept an eye on everyone. Toward the end of our lunch, she started to get fidgety. Luckily, I'd finished my lunch and I snagged her out of her stroller while everyone else continued to eat. When Chris was done with his lunch, Mallorie hung out with him for a little while.

I'm not sure whose expression I like better?!?

What a little cutie!
When we were done, we all walked to the parking lot together because Dad had crab soup for me and I had wine glasses for Casie and Mom. I carried Mallorie to the parking lot and we had a little photo shoot there.

She's a little too small to reach the handlebars and foot pegs.

THREE-UP on the Concours!

Oooo, this top case is just my size!

What do you mean I can't ride in here?!?
Once we parted ways with my family, we headed north on US 11/15 to the Sheetz in Duncannon to fill up. While we were there, I notice this jughead:

Apparently, they don't teach reading in Connecticut?!?
We continued north on US 11/15 to Liverpool where we turned onto PA 17 to get to PA 235. We followed PA 235 all the way up to PA 45. Once we turned onto PA 45 and knowing that there was a picnic area nearby, I asked Chris if we could stop for a stretch break. We stopped at the Hairy John Picnic Area along PA 45. 

An absolutely STUNNING day for a ride!

PA 235 offered some very nice views...

...and some interesting traffic!

Mowing. You're doing it wrong!

Hairy John? Yup. Read the story here.

Check out that hottie!
We stopped again shortly after the picnic area because we realized we were both parched. In Millheim, we stopped at Harvey's Food Mart for iced teas and another stretch. Back on the road, we took PA 445 out of Millheim to PA 64 to Hublersburg Road to PA 26 through Howard to US 220 to Port Matilda and over the mountain to home. Along the way, we managed to capture one of two odometer palindromes from the day.

We missed 41814, but caught 41914.
We arrived home about nine hours after we left with 300.1 miles for the day. It was nice to see my family again so soon (especially Mallorie!), enjoy a nice lunch with them, give my dad some well-deserved Father's Day presents, and enjoy a fantastic day on the motorcycle with Chris. And that quickly, it was mid-June!

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