Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Party's Over - ST.N Region 6 Spring Meet Day 3

Sunday morning, we woke up at 7 with the plan that we would meet everyone in the parking lot at 8 to head down to the Gateway Restaurant in Riverton. When we retired the night before, we thought our group would include Frank and Beans. But it turns out they crafted a different route home after some discussion. Nevertheless, we still had a nice group to lead to breakfast and beyond: David, Jeff, John, JT, and Lee and Rita. Not long after we were seated, our local riding friends Bill, Jay, and Denny arrived for breakfast. The Gateway does serve a yummy breakfast, and cheap, too! Another trio of riders - all on BMWs, not part of our ST.N group - stopped in for breakfast as well! Several in our group ordered the garbage omelet, which had a little bit of everything in it - cheese, ham, and lots of veggies. I stuck with plain and simple...dry wheat toast with jelly and a hot tea.

On our way to breakfast!

David and Lee fuel up their bikes.

Chris, Jeff, JT, and John wait.

A picture of Jeff taking a picture of Seneca Rocks.

Seneca Rocks on a lovely spring morning.

Yokum's and Harper's at Seneca Rocks.

Just us...and...our...shaaaaaaa-dow!

Checking in on the crew behind us.

Breakfast time at The Gateway.

Chris and Jeff cozy up to each other; Rita and Lee are to Jeff's right (well, his left...your right).

John, JT, and David.

Yes, they do...every time!!!
After breakfast, and because Jeff, John, JT, Lee, and Rita had not yet been to up there, we decided to ride up to Spruce Knob - the highest point in West Virginia. It's about 12 miles to the top on a nice road with lots of twists and turns, and even a few hairpins! Of course, as I write that, I realize I didn't actually take any pictures of said road, so you'll have to trust me. Or better yet, go find out for yourself! When we arrived at Spruce Knob, we walked the 900 feet to the observation tower to take in the grand view.

Welcome to Spruce Knob!

Along the path to the observation tower.

Chris, John, JT, and I were a little faster to the observation tower than Jeff, David, Rita, and Lee.

Super David!

Chris and I

Lovers gonna love...

JT and John

My panoramic shot that Chris stitched together for me.

Back at the bikes, we took turns using the knob-top restroom.

While we were waiting, I decided to hammer out a few squats.
(I'm participating in a 30-day squat challenge with HipAHA in Fenwick Is., DE)
From Spruce Knob, we headed south on WV 28 to US 33 at Judy Gap. We took US 33 east to Franklin, where everyone fueled up. From the gas station, we would turn north on US 220, which would put us in a position to run Smoke Hole Road the opposite direction as the day before. Smoke Hole Road twice in one weekend? That's never a bad thing!!! Unfortunately, David's back and neck were really bothering him, so when we turned off onto Smoke Hole Road, he continued north on US 220. Lee and Rita wanted to take WV 55 home, so they followed David. We said our goodbyes to David, Lee, and Rita at the gas station and then beeped, waved, and parted ways with them at the turn for Smoke Hole Road, and then ventured into the canyon for a great run. We even saw an immature eagle flying over the water while we were riding through. I wasn't able to capture a picture of it, though. Bummer.

JT and Chris get petrol.

Chris gets petrol while David plans his route home.

David and Lee discussed their route home.

John and Jeff wait for us.

Heading north on US 220.

There's our large gaggle of motorcycles!

Ahhh...Smoke Hole Road!

It was a lovely morning for a ride alongside the water.

Through this section is where we saw the immature eagle.

Jeff, followed by JT and John.

Lean, Jeff...lean!!!
Once we were done Smoke Hole Road, we continued north on WV 28 to Petersburg, where we picked up WV 42 north to Patterson Creek Road. PCR is a great road with nice scenery and sweepers (long turns). It's also a good way to head north in a timely fashion. 

A Sunday morning barn...

...and another!

At the end of Patterson Creek Road, where it meets US 220 and US 50, is this TINY little fire "hut."
We turned right onto US 220/US 50 and headed into Romney, WV for a washroom and snack break. It was there that we said our goodbyes to Jeff, John, and JT since they would be splitting off from us during this next leg of the trip home. From Romney, we headed east on US 50 to WV 29 to WV 9 to Berkeley Springs, WV. We went north on US 522 out of Berkeley Springs to Hancock, MD, where we picked up a road that would become PA 655 once we crossed back into our great Commonwealth. We continued north on PA 655. We parted ways with Jeff, John, and JT in Hustontown. We stayed on PA 655, and they turned right to pick up the PA Turnpike to head east quickly for a bit.

We picked up PA 829 off of PA 655, which took us to US 22 just south of Huntingdon. We stopped for petrol and a quick stretch break before letting out a collective, "We're coming, Monkey!" (our rally cry to Oscar when we're headed home) and making our way home via US 22, PA 453, PA 45, and Marengo Road.

When we got home, I snapped a pic of the GPS to document the weekend's adventure.

845.5 miles for the weekend...not to shabby for my first ride of the year!
Oscar was very happy to see us when we got home. He didn't even let me get my helmet off before he attacked me with kisses, that he happily doled out onto my nose through my helmet!

We had a great weekend. It was fantastic to see all of our old ST.N friends and make several more! Once again, the Pennsylvania contingent from ST.N was well-represented. Off the top of my head, I can count at least 21 of us! Well done, PA crew...well done!!! 

Special thanks go out to Lisa at Canaan Valley for making setting everything up at the lodge and campground easy. CVR turned out to be a wonderful location for the Spring Meet. If they could just add online reservations, we'd be GOLDEN! I'm already working with her to set something up for next year! Thanks also to David and Jeff for the laughs "inside my helmet" and out all weekend. And, of course, thank you to my handsome hubby for pretty much everything, but especially for keeping us off gravel roads that weekend! 

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