Sunday, March 3, 2013

We came, we saw, we babysat!

Chris, Oscar, and I went to Baltimore for the weekend for another visit with our new niece, Mallorie. It had been four weeks since our last visit; we were really looking forward to seeing how much she had changed! We decided earlier in the week that we'd all meet for dinner Friday night at Jerry D's...our first time out to dinner as a family of SEVEN! It was Mallorie's first night out, too! She did great and she had lots of folks in the restaurant fawning all over her.

Hanging out with Daddy

Sitting with Pop

Party of Seven!

Saturday, Chris and I went over to Bill and Casie's house to babysit Mallorie so Bill and Casie could have an afternoon date. They went for a nice ride, enjoyed lunch at Carson's Creekside, and did a little shopping. All the while, Chris and I logged some quality uncle-aunt-niece time. 

Uncle Chris and Mallorie

Mallorie and Uncle Chris

We decided to take advantage of the fact that Mallorie was awake first thing; we had some serious things to discuss with her.

"It's never too early to start thinking about college, Mallorie.
Penn State offers over 160 majors at over twenty campuses across the Commonwealth."
Past Penn Stater and future Penn Stater?
Mallorie is all smiles in her new PSU hoodie!
It's a little she'll have it for a while!

Look how cute she is!!!
After we had our little recruiting conversation, we played on the floor for a little while.

I love the outfit Bill and Casie chose for Mallorie!
After some playtime, it was nap time. Mallorie started snoozing on me while Chris ate his lunch.

OMG, those cheeks!

Flashing gang signs in her sleep.

Tiny little fingers!
After Chris was done with his lunch, we traded off so I could eat my lunch.

Snoozing on Uncle Chris.

Oh my...such a rough life!

If you only knew!

Uncle Chris' view

This child and her hand gestures, LOL!

After a nice little snooze, it was time for a feeding which Uncle Chris tackled like a champ!


After a nice hearty burp, Mallorie decided watching "Top Gear" was as important as feeding.

We had a great afternoon with Mallorie and Bill and Casie had a nice afternoon to themselves. It's fun to see just how much Mallorie has grown and changed in the four weeks since we saw her last. We can't wait to see her again!
We'll see you soon, Mallorie!

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