Sunday, December 2, 2012

O Christmas Tree!

Finding a Christmas tree can involve countless hours of trudging through seemingly endless fields of overpriced trees. Of course, some tree farms try to assuage the pain of finding that perfect $50 Christmas tree by lending out saws, offering tree carts, and having refreshments for sale like hot chocolate intended to warm up customers whose eyes may be frozen

Fortunately, four years ago, we discovered a small, family-owned/run tree farm just south of Philipsburg, PA in Glass City where all trees are $15. It's a very no-muss/no-fuss operation. Each day (Friday through Sunday), the family brings a crop of fresh cut trees down from their fields and displays them for purchase. Customers are still welcome to trudge through the fields to select and cut down their own tree, which is what we did the first year we went there, but really it's not necessary. In 2010, 2011, and again this year, we found a wonderful tree among the pre-cut trees and every year it has been very obvious that the tree had been freshly cut (very little sap had seeped out of the cut).

This year, we decided to take Oscar with us for the ride up to Glass City.

Once we were in the truck, it didn't take Oscar long to go from "excited to ride in the truck" to "I'm just going to relax here while we make our way there."

"Oh boy, here we go!"

"You can probably just wake me when we get there."
The tree farm we visit is located on Glass City Road just off of PA 350. If you are headed north on PA 350 toward Philipsburg, you will make a right turn. Never fear; there is a sign for the tree farm on 350. 

This is the entrance to the tree farm. Customers drive up and around the owners' house.

$15 bucks for a tree? What a deal!

This way to the Christmas trees!

Cute parking sign.

This is the back porch of the owners' house.

Trailers full of freshly cut trees ready to be displayed.

Chris readies the Tundra by rolling up the tonneau cover.

Trees that were cut this morning are ready to be taken home!

Chris surveys the available trees.

We might have a winner...go ahead and spin it, honey!

Oh, yeah...that backside looks good. And so does the tree, LOL!

For another $5, our tree gets baled by the very friendly owners.

Christmas Tree 2012 is secured in the bed of the truck. Total cash outlay = $20. Total time spent at the tree farm = 10 minutes. BAM!
When we got home with our tree, I filled a bucket with water while Chris took about an inch off the bottom of the trunk. We got all of our Christmas stuff out of our attic and will be decorating this week. Our tree is in the garage for the time being. 

Meanwhile, apparently the search for a Christmas tree was apparently an exhausting experience:

"Wake me up when the tree is up and decorated!"
We'll likely have the tree up and decorated by mid-week. It's probably going to require a little trimming; it's a bit taller than trees we've had the last few years! I can't's gonna be a beaut!!!

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