Sunday, September 18, 2011

Save me, San Francisco (Part 2)

So, it's been a while since I posted Part 1 of the San Francisco trip.  Let me give you a quick little recap:  I flew out Thursday night after work, arrived in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, met up with Rachel at a hotel in Millbrae, Karen joined us Friday afternoon, we went to the movies Friday night, we went shopping Saturday morning, and we went to Katie & Alex's wedding Saturday afternoon/evening.  Whew!'re caught up.

Sunday morning, we slept in a bit; all of that dancing at the wedding the night before, plus all of that power shopping in the morning wore us out!  We were due at Katie's parents' house for brunch at 10 AM.  We called down to the front desk for a taxi at 9:35 AM.  At 9:36 AM, Katie's mom called to tell us that Katie's dad was on his way to the hotel to pick us up!  We promptly called the front desk back and canceled our taxi.  We enjoyed a delicious brunch at Katie's parents' house and had a chance to chat with the other Penn Staters who were in attendance at the wedding.  We also got to watch Katie & Alex open their wedding gifts.  

The wedding bouquets on display.

The Mahoneys' backyard is gorgeous!

Outdoor seating for brunch.

There's Katie and Alex on the right enjoying their first brunch as Mr. & Mrs.

Admiring one of their presents.

Trust me when I say, this present was lovely!

The Mahoneys have a lemon tree in their front yard!

A lemon tree!  WANT.

The Mahoneys' house.

Mr. Mahoney took us back to the hotel when we were ready to leave.  (Honestly, the Mahoneys are some of the nicest people I've ever met; their hospitality was endless!)  We checked out of the hotel and walked to the BART station (the right one, this time!) to take the train into San Francisco.

Taking the short cut to the BART Station.

Excited to be heading to the city by the bay!

Rachel got a workout dragging her 117 lb. suitcase. 
OK...I might be exaggerating a little.  It only weighed 103.5 lbs.

We got off the train at Embarcadero Center and walked about five blocks to our hotel for the next two nights - The Club Quarters on Clay Street.  After checking in, stashing our bags, and freshening up, we decided to walk up the Embarcadero to Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf.

Lovely Ahngels in San Francisco.

It was a gorgeous Sunday evening in San Francisco.

Famous Pier 39.

It was packed for a Sunday evening!

Justice!  The line for the men's room was longer than the women's!

These strawberries were HUGE!!!

As were the cherries!

Again...I was surprised how crowded it was for a Sunday evening...but it's a tourist destination, so maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised.

Boats, boats, and more boats.

There's "The Rock."

We saw the Pier 39 sea lions.

Lazy, lazy sea lions!

These guys (and gals) showed up after the earthquake in 1989 and haven't left!

A bread snake at Boudin Bakery - famous for their sour dough bread.

Trolley car.

Loved this sign!

When we got hungry, we decided to stop in the Blue Mermaid for some chowder.

Mmmm...the first of many Anchor Steam beers!

Inside the Blue Mermaid.

Rather than a bowl of one, I opted for a sampler size of three different chowders.  YUM!!!

When we were done, we decided to walk to Ghirardelli Square for dessert.

I can't say enough how gorgeous of an evening it was!

You can just barely make out the Golden Gate Bridge.

Karen and Rachel at Ghirardelli Square.

Ghirardelli chocolates...yummy!!!

Rachel opted for the peanut butter sundae.

Karen got a single scoop of chocolate ice cream...

...and so did I!

A cable car approaches.
That's it for our Sunday in San Francisco.  After dessert at Ghirardelli Square, we walked back to the Argonaut Hotel next to The Blue Mermaid and had the bellman hail us a taxi back to our hotel.  When we got back, we had to request the rollaway bed for our room (it only had one queen bed).  A nice gentleman named Oscar brought us the rollaway and helped us rearrange the room so it would fit and so everyone had a clear path to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  After briefly discussing our plan for the next day, we crawled into bed for a good night's sleep.  

I'll try to get Part 3 (Monday) posted this week; if I'm really ambitious, I'll get Part 4 posted this week, too!

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