Thursday, May 19, 2011


Perhaps you've read Backyard Beth's Observations in the past.  Perhaps not.  Maybe you saw me pimp this blog on Facebook and that's how you wound up here.  It could be that I e-mailed you the link directly.  However you wound up here...WELCOME!

Why "Pineapple Ponderings?"  Well, as the subtitle indicates, what follows here will be random miscellany (ponderings, if you will) from a girl (that's me) who likes pineapples (the fruit and the symbolism). 

Let's start with the fruit part.  I mean, it's delicious!  It's sweet, it's juicy - there isn't much that tops fresh pineapple, in my opinion.  Well, unless you put a fresh pineapple in a big glass jar, add a bottle of vodka, and let it sit for a week until it becomes a Stoli Doli.  Oh my word.  Delicious and dangerous...they go down so smooth!!!  Also, pineapple-flavored stuff is yummy.  My new favorite gum is Trident Layers Green Apple-Golden Pineapple..."it's sweet and welcome-y."

Which brings me to the symbolism...the pineapple has served as a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome through the history of the Americas.  If you want to know more, check out this write-up.  Anyhoo, as some of you know, I have pineapple-everything!  Pineapple candles, pineapple artwork, pineapple plates on a pineapple plate rack, pineapple lamps, pineapple jewelry...heck, I even want a pineapple tattoo!   

When I started thinking about doing an all-inclusive blog - one that covers the happenings here at the Homestead, motorcycle ride reports, vacation/business trip reports, and well, other random miscellany - I decided that "Pineapple Ponderings" had a certain alliterative ring to it!  So here we are!

WELCOME to Pineapple Ponderings!  Here's hoping I can keep you at least mildly entertained...


  1. Why are we the only country/language/culture to call it a pineapple when everyone else calls it some variation of ananas? :)

  2. Because we're awesome? And because it looks like a pinecone, but is sweet like an apple?!? How the hell do I know?!? :)