Saturday, September 3, 2011

To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.*

Fresh off last Saturday's Aviation Awareness Day at University Park Airport, Chris and I decided to visit the Piper Aviation Museum in Lock Haven, PA today.  In fact, it was last Saturday that Chris said to me, "You know...we still haven't been to the Piper Museum...we should do that!"  This past week, we checked the museum's website for hours and admission information and decided that we would ride there today.  During the week, there was talk of afternoon rain, so we decided to go earlier in the day, rather than later.  We left the house shortly after 10 AM this morning on the Concours.  It was 68 degrees and very, VERY overcast.  

Overcast and cool along PA 150 toward Lock Haven.

Coming into Beech Creek, PA.

The STN Soccer Institute - this was spot for the PA tag game over on ST.N!
We arrived at the museum just after 11 AM.  Saturday hours are 10 AM - 4 PM; admission is $6 for adults.  We were greeted by a nice older lady who welcomed us, took our admission, and gave us the layout of the museum.  She told us when we were done, that we could return and she'd show us the 16-minute video in the theather.  As luck would have it, as she said that, she heard it ending.  The couple that was in the theater departed, she restarted the DVD for us, and left us to watch the video.  When it was over, she returned to the theater to walk us out to the display area, where she proceeded to give us the layout of the museum all over again!  Verbatim!  Neither of us had the heart to say anything, so we got the schpeel twice!  :)

The museum is housed in the old Piper engineering building.

The gardens outside of the museum.

I didn't realize the Cub factory was originally in Bradford, PA!

A look inside the wing from the picture above.

After we were done touring the first part of the museum - which is on the second floor of the building - we went down to the hangar to check out the planes and antique cars on display.

We're going to have a car like this someday...we've talked about it for years!

I got creative with the mirror-like nose of the Comanche!  :)

In the dark, dungeon-esque, possibly-off-limits part of the hangar, we look like people from TRON when the flash goes off on our cameras!

Back in the bowels of the hangar...dust and airplane parts abound!

When we were in the hangar, we could feel the heat coming in from outside underneath the hangar doors.  It was a welcome relief to reenter the museum.  We made a quick souvenir purchase (a Piper Cub sticker for Chris' tool chest) and went outside to suit up and find a good spot for lunch.

William T. Piper Memorial Airport

It was hazy, hot, and humid by the time we were done touring the museum.

On our way out of the parking lot, we passed these old fuselages.
We decided to stop at Aungst Family Restaurant in Mill Hall, PA on our way back.  We had a tasty lunch!  Chris ordered a chicken cheesesteak sub.  I got the hot turkey sandwich, which came with fries and a side.  I chose pickled eggs...yum!!!

Chris and I barely put a dent in my fries; we had our eyes on pies!

Loves me some pickled eggs!!!
Earlier in the morning, I told Chris about a poll over on ST.N asking what motorcycling meant to the members.  Chris asked, "was 'pie' one of the options?  Because I ride for pie!"  So when Chris saw pies on the dessert menu at Aungst, he was a happy camper!

Chris' coconut cream pie - quite possibly the best he's ever had, so he says!

Make mine cherry pie!

Here...have a's so rich!
We took the same, direct route home on PA 150.  It was nearly 25 degrees warmer and we were both happy to get on the bike and get moving!  

Ooof!  It's a scorcher!

Hey, look...a barn...there had to be ONE in this post, at the very least!

Sayers Lake at Bald Eagle State Park
We arrived back home around 3:15 PM, having been gone approximately 5 hours.  We spent two hours in the museum, an hour at lunch, and two hours (95 miles) on the road.  I learned a ton about William T. Piper Sr. and Jr. today, and about Piper airplanes.  We had a great time and are, once again, inspired to someday own a plane of our own.  Chris has informed me that the Tri-Pacer plane we both liked at the museum today sells for about $25 - 30,000.  We'd better start saving!!!

To see all of our pictures from today's visit, visit my Picasa photo album.

* The title of the is post is an anonymous quote about flying...and pretty apropos for Chris and me!

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