Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thanks, Easter Bunny! Gear Keeper works...

What's a Gear Keeper, you ask?  It's only the best present the Easter Bunny ever brought me!  I got it this year for my camera.  A Gear Keeper is a retractable gear attachment system designed to protect all sorts of gear like CBs, flashlights, keys, and tools.  The Easter Bunny brought me a Gear Keeper for my camera so I could take pictures from the back of the Concours without being afraid of dropping it.  It is weighted for my camera and attaches to my jacket.  The idea behind it is, if I were to drop my camera while we're riding, it would fall and be immediately retracted to my side.  

And, so yeah...tonight I found out that it works.

Thank goodness. 

We went for a 160-mile ride this evening, including stops for dinner and dessert.  The evening started with a run down Marengo Road.  (I'll pause while you act shocked.)  I haven't been on the bike in nearly four weeks, so when we headed into one of the turns on Marengo, I went to stash the camera in my jacket pocket (standard procedure) and reach back to hold on.  Except I felt something hit my knee, hit my hip, and then stop at my side.  I thought to myself, "Nooo...that wasn't...oh snap, that was my camera!"  I quickly clicked over to Chris on our Senas and told him what happened.  He said, "That sounds like a blog post to me!"

So here we are!

Except that can't be the whole blog post, right?!?  Right!  I mean, the camera still works just fine.  And here's proof!  Enjoy some highlights from tonight's ride...

Oh, asphalt vixen...your siren call gets us every time!

PA 305

More of PA 305

Just outside of Greenwood Furnace State Park

Plowing the fields

Grr...a telephone pole ruined this picture...a barn and a tractor?  Classic!

It was SUCH a lovely evening for a ride!


Peachey's in Belleville is rebuilding...hooray!!!

We hopped on US 322 East for a spell since the road on the other side of the river was recently tar-n-chipped.

There were tons of barns on our ride tonight...only a select few are making it into this post.

The views/scenery in Central PA never cease to amaze me!

Coming out of one turn, heading into another...

Curse you, telephone poles!!!

Potential new subject matter...small, rural churches

As Chris was flipping through my pictures when we stopped for dinner, he said this one was one of his favorites.  So it's here...just for him! 

Same caption as Facebook...this is what love looks like on two wheels!

The mural on the side of Elk Creek Cafe in Millheim.

It looked like it was on Chris' we pretended it was!

So very, very happy to be back on the bike after nearly four weeks!

Hawaiian pizza for me

Buffalo chicken stromboli for Chris

The sky was gorgeous between Centre Hall and State College.

This is coming up South Atherton Street from PA 45 toward Meyer Dairy.  Stunning!!!

Dessert!  Hot fudge with mint chip for Chris, marshmallow with chocolate chip brownie dough for me.
It really was a lovely evening for a ride...low 70s and sunny.  Heck, toward the end of the evening, it dipped into the upper 60s and in the shade, I was chilly!  Me thinks I'll be wearing my jacket liner more and more in the coming weeks.  

Up next?  I believe we're headed to the Piper Museum this weekend for more aviation goodies!  Stay tuned!

And yes, I know I owe you more from San Francisco.  I should have time this weekend to hammer out an entry or two.  There's just SO much to write about!!!

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