Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's not always about how far you go...

So what if our Wednesday night ride was only 60 miles?!?  As the day was wrapping up at work, I realized what an absolutely gorgeous evening it was shaping up to be.  Low 80s, breezy, sunny...the evening was just begging for a ride.  I got home shortly before 5 PM and after a brief fashion show*, we suited up and hit the road in search of twisty roads and delicious grub.  Well, actually, we went in search of petrol first...then twisty roads and delicious grub.  

After gassing up at the Sheetz on Valley Vista, we headed down to PA 26 south to PA 45 east to Boalsburg Road to Brush Valley Road, which we took all the way into Centre Hall for dinner at Brother's Pizza.  Brother's was hopping for a Wednesday night!  We only had to wait about two minutes for a table, but there was a definite back-up in the kitchen.  Never the matter, our dinner was delicious!  I took the safe, plain route - two slices of Sicilian cheese.  I mean, can you go wrong?  Chris got a medium buffalo cheese stromboli; he brought 1/2 of it home for lunch tomorrow.  He said, "I'm thinking next time I'll just get a small!"  :)

Mt. Nittany as seen from Boalsburg Road

Tussey Mountain Ski Area as seen from Brush Valley Road

Here we go again with the barns/farms! 
(There's just *so many* around here!!!)

Turn left here to get to Mt. Nittany Winery...their Riesling is wonderful!

An old church

Beets, Chinese cabbage, summer squash...yum!

A star is barn. 
Get it?  OK, OK...groan.

Oh, hey!  Hello!!!

Just some scenery along Brush Valley Road...

I'm surprised I caught this guy as quickly as we passed him.'s a barn.

More Brush Valley Road scenery...

Sammis' Greenhouse and Nursery

Awesome barn!

Chris' buffalo chicken stromboli

My two slices of Sicilian cheese.

The paper frog Chris made for me while we waited for our dinner.
It really hopped!

From Brother's, we headed west on PA 45 back to Boalsburg and took Business 322 up to Meyer Dairy for dessert.  We got to Meyer Dairy just in time.  No sooner did we get our ice creams and find a table when the ice cream line was out the door!  Us Clarks...we bring the crowds.  ;)

The tents are set up for the People's Choice Arts Festival in Boalsburg!

I'll probably be there Saturday morning to catch Andy's Angels Quartet at 11:30 AM.

Chris with his traditional small hot fudge sundae with mint flake ice cream.

I opted for small (yes, that's a small...SMH) dish of White House cherry.

We cooled off with an ice cream treat and browsed the July "Town & Gown" magazine.

The Meyer Dairy barn.

The moon is *almost* full!

One final barn for the evening.

From Meyer Dairy, we returned south on Business 322 to PA 45 west all the way out to Marengo Road.  Surprisingly, our ride last Saturday did not include a run down Marengo coming or going.  Shocking, I know.  Tonight's run *definitely* made up for that.  The setting sun dipped just behind the mountains making for a pleasant, shaded, and spirited ride.  

Had it not been for the two deer that jumped out into the road 50 yards ahead of us, it would have been the best, smoothest run we've ever done together on Marengo.  And the deer were really a blip...Chris saw them, they saw us, and they bee-lined for the corn field.  We definitely slowed as we went by...just in case...but then resumed our run on our way back to the house.  We got home around 8:30 PM.  

Like I wasn't the longest ride...but it's not about how far you go...what matters is who you're with and whether you have fun.  I was with Chris and I had fun.  :)

*My fashion show was to showcase and choose which dress I will wear to my friend Katie's wedding next month in San Francisco.  For the record, the winner is a blue Chaps dress; it looks awesome with my eyes!

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