Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm like a Jedi. I brought the tire.

For the second night in a row, there was work to be done on the Concours once I got home from the office.  Tonight's mission?  Balance and install the tire that I mounted last night!  

First order of business?  Put the newly mounted tire on the balancer. 
After placing the tire on the balancer on the jack stands, I gave it a slight spin to find the heavy spot.

Once the tire stopped spinning, I marked the top of the tire with chalk.

Tire = marked with chalk.
The wheel was pretty well-balanced.  I only wound up adding one 1/4 oz. wheel weight.

Getting ready to lube the splines with Honda Moly 60.
Carefully applying the Moly 60 to the teeth of the splines.

Putting the wheel back on the bike.

I put the axle back in from the left and then put the spacer back in on the right.

Next, I put the washer and axle nut back on.
Down on all fours to finger-tighten the brake caliper bolt.

Tightening the axle nut...

...and tightening the brake caliper bolt with the ratchet wrench.
Once the nut and bolt were tightened, the final step was to insert a new cotter pin into the axle nut...

...and give the ends of the cotter pin a good twist to keep it in place.

Viola!  Check out my fresh rubber! 
Apparently, I can look forward to mounting a new front tire in approximately 3,000 miles - or, about three months given the way Chris puts miles on the Connie!  :)  I say, bring it on!!!

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