Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fresh Salsa

Biking is bliss. Pure, unadulterated, uncomplicated beautiful bliss. I thought I knew this already. Then I rode my new bike today. And I found out what riding a bike that is meant for me...fitted for me...perfect for me...what that feels like physically and mentally. It's amazing. I thought I knew the joy of riding; today I felt it. What a difference a bike makes!

Today was my maiden voyage on my new Salsa Vaya 2. Chris and I decided to take our bikes to Bald Eagle State Park for a ride this afternoon. I packed sandwiches and snacks that we might start our visit to BESP with lunch. We arrived right at noon and thought we'd found a nice bench with a nice view of the lake where we might enjoy our lunch. Unfortunately, as we walked toward the bench, we spotted a deceased groundhog. The poor little chucker showed no signs of foul play or violence. In fact, there was a fallen branch near him that made us wonder if perhaps the branch had fallen on him and killed him. 

Those teeth are why you don't mess with groundhogs. Just ask my Oscar!

We opted for a picnic table somewhat away from the dearly departed and enjoyed our sandwiches, string cheeses, and apples. 

I had to rock my Pens hat and THE REAL DEAL 18 James Neal t-shirt for the final game of the NHL regular season!

Chris enjoys his noms.

The view from our picnic table.

After lunch, we took the bikes off the back of my car and headed out. We rode just about every piece of paved road at the park today - up to the Nature Inn, around the marina, through the modern campground - as well as a few gravel roads, some dirt, and a wee bit of wet grass!

Flagrant disregard for the law! :) 
Chris ran out of road.

Old US 220 now runs into the lake.

The dimples were in full effect today; I was smiling the ENTIRE ride!

There was a little bit of debris to navigate on this trail.

Checking out the boats in storage near the marina.

Photo bomb!

Taking a snack break by the water.

Chris stretches and declares, "Whoa. What a view!"

Chris' view.

We rode for one hour and 40 minutes for a total of 15.01 miles. I'd say that's a pretty decent "break-in" ride! The weather was absolutely perfect - 80 degrees, sunny, and winds 10-15 mph. I suggested to Chris that we ride at BESP more often since it tends to be windy there. Since we're training for the Sea Gull Century on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we need to be used to riding in a mighty wind! 

As I said earlier, it's simply amazing what riding the right bike can feel like. I used to get antsy in the saddle of my old bike. I used to have numbness in my hands. I had none of that today. Do you know what I had today?


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