Thursday, March 6, 2014

Welcome, new readers! And hello to my current readers!

Since the latest issue of Facilities Manager Magazine has reached offices worldwide in recent weeks, I suspect that I may have picked up (or will pick up) a few new readers because I made mention of Pineapple Ponderings in my "Emerging Professionals Profile" (featured on page 33, if you can get your hands on a copy!).

So to my new readers, welcome! I realize my profile in FM Magazine noted that I chronicle Chris' and my motorcycle adventures and they are'll just have to click on the "ride report" label on the right index to find them since this winter's weather has not been motorcycle-friendly AT ALL! I do have a six-part "In Search of Bourbon" ride report from last fall that I think many of you will enjoy. Give that a look-see until the weather breaks and Chris and I can resume our two-wheeled adventures. 

And while you're here, feel free to explore all of the other old posts while I work on content for new ones!

And that's where I beseech my current readers to "standby" because I do have some new content I need to get written and posted. My baby niece turned one in January; I have pictures and stories from that! Also - and my new APPA readers will appreciate this - I was in Dallas, TX in February for training with APPA U. While I was there I ventured out to Southfork Ranch on one of my half-days...and boy, oh boy do I have stories about that!!!

It's my hope to get new content posted before the end of the weekend. Heck, with temperatures forecasted to be in the mid-40s for this weekend, I might even have NEWER content to post if Chris and I can get out for some kind of adventure.

So I ask all of you - new readers and old friends - hang in there! I'll be bloggedly entertaining you very soon!

What happened to this cupcake? Come back this weekend to find out!

Where did I eat this? And what's in that tasty beverage? Stay tuned!!!

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