Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who gets hypothermia in August?!?

Did you know that more people die from hypothermia in the summer than in the winter? Contrary to popular belief, freezing air temperatures aren't a requirement for hypothermia. Hypothermia strikes anytime weather conditions, including rain or water temperatures lower a person's core body temperature below 95° F. 

Why is this germane this evening? Because Chris and I were discussing developing hypothermia on our ride this evening. Temperatures on our way home were in the low- to mid-60s while we were traveling approximately 55 miles per hour. For August, it was CHILLY!!!

I usually put the liner into my jacket when it's below 70 degrees, especially if I'm just wearing a t-shirt. I didn't even think to pack my liner for this evening. It was in the upper 70s and sunny when we left the house just before 5 for our dinner ride. But, with just a t-shirt, I was freezing as we were coming down PA 504 from Phillipsburg through Black Moshannon State Park on our way home. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We have to head out on our adventure before we can head home, right?

Getting ready to head out and look...only 1/2 tank of gas.
We gassed up and headed out PA 550 toward Bellefonte. Before reaching Bellefonte, we turned onto Spring Creek Road to head back to Fisherman's Paradise to see if anyone was fishing (and more importantly, catching!). 

Fish & Boat Commission Offices at Fisherman's Paradise
No one was landing any lunkers back at Fisherman's Paradise, so we turned around and headed back out Paradise Hill Road to Rishell Hill Road to PA 144 through Milesburg. Out of Milesburg, we took Moose Run Road to Thomas Hill Road back to PA 144 which we followed up to Snow Shoe.

We had a great run up PA 144 with no traffic ahead of us.

In Moshannon, we picked up PA 53 which we took all the way to Philipsburg and our dinner destination - Sarina's. When we were seated, the waitress told us that they were "offering complimentary Coors Light - one per person." Being responsible motorcyclists (and discerning beer drinkers), we passed on the freebies and ordered iced tea (me) and Diet Pepsi (Chris). We opted for hoagies for dinner - I had the turkey and Chris got the cheesesteak. We split an order of French fries. Sarina's bakes their own (delicious!) bread and stuffs their subs. Needless to say, I have half of a hoagie for my lunch tomorrow!

After dinner, we took US 322 to PA 504 down through Black Moshannon where the temperatures dropped 10 degrees from 71° to 61° in a matter of minutes. Both of us said, "Brrrrr!!!" That's when our conversation about hypothermia started. Chris reminded me that hypothermia is part of the weather-preparedness discussion on the first night of MSF training. Clearly, I was feeling unprepared!

We turned onto Beaver Road at Black Moshannon State Park, where the sky was taking on lovely shades of blue, pink, and purple. 

We crossed US 220 and took the Julian Pike up over the mountain to get back to PA 550 to get home. Just as we were approaching the bottom of the Pike at PA 550, I spotted a deer on the right in a field. I said, "There's a deer on the right," just as Chris began braking...hard! I'd spotted "the decoy" in the field while Chris had spotted "the runner" in front of us! My deer stayed where she was, although she did give us the hard stare as we rode by. Chris' deer disappeared into the bushes across the road. 

We had an uneventful ride along PA 550 back to the house. We got home at 8:15 having logged 92 miles in three hours and 15 minutes with a dinner stop. It was a lovely evening ride...and, I don't have to pack a lunch in the morning. Score!!!

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